Meet Jen



Who I am…

I am a professional photographer in Rhode Island and surrounding areas.

I am a visual artist and I want to interpret that vision with anyone who will let me.

Where I came from…

My dad was a photographer and from my earliest memories he taught me about shooting in manual… he gave me my first tripod. In 1997 I worked in print shops that specialized in items such as business cards and letterheads. I even learned how to operate a printing press! In 1999 I worked as a technician at the Wolf Camera photo lab in Englewood Colorado. Lucky me, the employee discount gave way to my first “real” camera – the Canon Rebel 2000! I fussed around with that and have about 8 photo boxes of prints that I should probably do something with. I still have an undeveloped roll of film from that era… very mysterious!

In 2003 I became a production assistant working on pinup styled photoshoots. I was HOOKED on the process and decided the easiest way to be a part of this elusive industry was to become a hair stylist and makeup artist. I have a good friend and mentor that owned a share in a Cosmetology school and he gave me a decent scholarship. From there I earned a Cosmetology license and began to work on professional film sets. My first feature film was called “Shakey” and it was shot on one of the first 3D cameras! In 2007 I was signed by Factor Model Managment and BMG model management as a hair stylist and makeup artist. From there I worked as a professional on editorial, film, runway, publishing, live event, catalog, and model test shoots. Some of my most notable work has been with Hulu, Disney, Discovery, ESPN, and NBC Universal.

My resume spans over ten years. I have had so many opportunities and experiences with professionals who are at the top of the food chain. In short, I have been on sets that involve cameras, lenses, lighting, styling, and direction for a long time. It was inevitable that I would want to take my experiences and passions in another direction.

I am a photographer. I am a visual artist.

What I offer…

Indoor portraits lit with strobes and/or natural light. Photo shoots can be styled (ie newborn), lifestyle, or simple studio (ie LinkedIn profile photo on a neutral background).

I can provide outdoor sessions with natural light (ie golden hours – or whenever – I can make it work) or with strobe.

You will get advice on wardrobe styling, posing, and artistic direction.

Makeup and hairstyling available upon request. I always carry a light makeup, hair, and wardrobe kit to every photo shoot.

Hand editing. I LOVE working with Adobe software. I have been a member of Adobe CC since inception. I am a user of Photoshop since 2010 and Lightroom since 2012. In the last year, I have put a lot of time into coming up with a style that I like. In short, I treat each image as its own piece of art.

What I do…

I have quite an eye for details. I have the on set experience and technical ability to create stunning images. From start to finish I have you covered. I do it all… I am the triple threat: hair stylist, makeup artist, and photographer. I know how to make you look good!

I take pride in my ability to bring out the best from my subjects at each photo shoot. I promise to pose you in a flattering position and light. My confidence is contagious and you will experience it. We are all starlets who deserve a little time in the limelight.

If you would like to see samples of my makeup artistry and hair styling please visit: or my Facebook like page: Artistry by Jennifer Lee Johnson

A little more about me…

I am a free-spirited mother and wife who sees things globally. With my family have traveled all over the world as my spouse as he pursues his dream as a trumpet musician in the United States Navy Band. I am inspired by arts, crafts, music, and nature. My favorite color is rainbow.

More ways to find me…